The Power Of Re

New book release by Pastor Michael Harris!

In the first few pages of the Power of Re, two things caught my attention, first  “We Get To Embark On A  Journey,” that felt exciting and I was curious to know more, as I read further, the second thing that caught my attention was, The Invitation by the author not excluding himself but an invite to travel with him on a journey that explore the connectivity, the branches of the vine that works in a synchronized fashion to, Breathe New  Life into our everyday existence and our relationship with the Lord…Chapter 1 The Journey Into The Power Of Re Begins!

Betty Harris


Join us as we celebrate 25 years in the Music Industry!

Lifeline of America has a very admirable history of providing after-school programs,
healthily living programs, housing assistance to survivors of Hurricane Katrina,
transitional housing, substance abuse counseling, entertainment, and concerts.
A balanced life. The core philosophy behind Lifeline of America is based on biblical
instructions that empower individuals and people to live full and truly liberated lives.