About Us


Lifeline of America is a nonprofit community-based organization founded and incorporated in 1994 by Pastor Elder Michael Harris of Denver, Colorado along with Sherletta Evans, Jacqueline Harris and Bonita Hines. It successfully obtained its 501(c)3 status in 1996. In 2011 has expanded to the Washington D.C. and various areas.


Lifeline of America provides outreach services that include youth programs, radio broadcast, financial literacy, nutritional, and emergency and transitional housing programs that assist people no matter what their circumstance.

Lifeline of America has a very admirable history of providing after-school programs, healthily living programs, housing assistance to survivors of Hurricane Katrina, transitional housing, substance abuse counseling, entertainment, and concerts. A balanced life. The core philosophy behind Lifeline of America is based on biblical instructions that empower individuals and people to live full and truly liberated lives.

Tune in to our Radio Broadcast on WGPL, WCPE, & KLDC!


Reaching the lost at any cost to help strengthen encourage and comfort the Body of Christ.